Kuleana Music produces and promotes concerts, CDs, and DVDs of the best Hawaiian and Blues slack key guitar.

Ken Levine

Kuleana Music was founded by Ken Levine.

Former film commissioner for the island of Kauai, Levine was instrumental in getting big budget films to the island such as Jurassic Park, Six Days / Seven Nights, Honeymoon in Vegas and others. An offer from Universal Studios led to a move back to his hometown of Seattle, from which he served as special advisor to the senior vice president of production supervising a number of major films in the Pacific Northwest, Caribbean, and Europe. At this time he also began directing documentaries for PBS, including Becoming American, which received an award of special merit from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Working in the film industry brought Levine into close contact with many leading musicians and composers. When he found that many of the artists he most admired were having difficulty getting jobs, he began arranging concerts on a pro bono basis. He also introduced musicians to friends and community organizations that were equipped to help them in a variety of ways. Through these activities, Levine found himself increasingly interested in bringing leading musicians from compatible genres together for collaborations and creative exchange.


Returning to Kauai in 2008 Levine has brought his organizational acumen and love of collaboration to the local music scene. Most of Levine’s activities have been directed toward getting traditional Hawaiian musicians more visibility on the national level. To this end he has organized concerts, recording projects and tours for traditional musicians, both internationally renown and more locally oriented. He is also passionate about bringing national and international artists to Kauai; not merely for performances but also for outreach programs and collaborations. Many of Levine’s projects have an educational component, working in cooperation with local hotels, the mayor’s office, hula halau, and the Niihau School.